Competence at service of LOS, QoS verifications and interfering sources.

Optical and instrumental LOS verifications

Sovel Italia, with consolidated experience from over 10.000 interventions carried out for the leading companies of mobile telecommunications, realizes the LOS connection verifications both in optical and instrumental visibility needed to evaluate the feasibility of a radio link. It is this a preliminary activity for the planning of new sites and therefore of core importance for the telecommunications companies.

LOS (Line of Sight) Optical connection verification

The company realize the directions survey in optical visibility verifying the absence of obstacles. In case of obstacles presence it is calculated the “minimum amount of quota on the joint” that guarantees in any case the radioelectric connection between two radio links.
At the end of the works releases the related “report of optic visibility”, according to the required specifics.

LOS (Line of Sight) Electromagnetic connection verification

The instrumental verification of the connection between two radio links is carried out by Sovel Italia with the most advanced modern instrumentations and thanks to a deep knowledge of mobile radio infrastructure of the principal national operators. The instrumental visibility report delivered are always reliable and error proof.
Particular attention is posed on the determination of routes attenuation values caused by the presence of obstacles that attenuate the signal on the route between the radio links to realize.

Interfering sources research (MIM)

Sovel Italia realizes the measurements finalized at the individuation of already occupied channels by other frequencies and\or at the research of interfering signals over radio links route. The measurements are carried out through the installation on site of the equipment and accessories required by the measure system from specialized technical personnel with a profound know-how.

Quality of service evaluating Test (QoS)

Sovel Italia realizes tests of evaluation of radio coverage, of capacity and quality of service of a cellular mobile network. The technique consists in the usage of mobile devices (vehicles, specialized personnel and means) suitably equipped with instrumentation capable of measure the radio signals and “capture” the communications protocols of messages exchanged between the mobile terminals and the network apparatus, in a designed geographical area in proximity of radio stations.

The measurements are carried out simulating the common experience of an average user of the cellular network in that specific area. For the evaluation of the gathered data, the operators can modify the network parameters in order to offer their customers a better service.

Interference measurements

Sovel Italia realizes instrumental measurements finalized at the research of radio interfering sources with impacts on the BRS (Base Radio Station).
In particular is interested on the execution of investigations through the inspection on site in order to locate the possible interfering sources. Narrowband measurements are carried out at the relevant sites believed to be the most useful at the geographical location of the interference.

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